Research and stories

TfL’s own data shows that our streets will become less safe and healthy

  • TfL’s Consultation report states that traffic on HPA will be pushed onto quiet residential side streets, increasing congestion, pollution and noise, with for example up to:
    • 400 extra vehicles per hour going down Holland Park
    • 200 extra vehicles per hour on Abbotsbury Road, Clarendon Road, Elgin Crescent, Ladbroke Road, Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne Walk, Pembridge Road, Palace Court, Kensington Church Street, Sheffield Terrace and Hornton Street
  • Increased rat running from the removal of the right hand turn on HPA into Ladbroke Grove
  • TfL’s CS10 Air Quality and Noise Modelling Report states that CS10 is predicted to
    • Increase CO2 emissions by up to 3%
    • Increase NO2 emissions in most sites measured (22/35) including Kingsdale Gardens, Royal Crescent, Holland Road, Bramley Road and Bright Horizon Holland Park Day School
    • Increase noise in 8 of the 35 sites including Lansdowne Walk, Ladbroke Road, Holland Park and Cardinal Vaughn School
  • This modelling doesn’t include the increased congestion caused by future Notting Hill Gate developments (e.g. Frogmore) nor the impact of ‘no right turn into Ladbroke Grove’ on surrounding streets

Our own traffic assessment shows that the number of cyclists using HPA today does not warrant two or even one dedicated cycle lane(s).

  • A traffic assessment on HPA in November 2019 showed that:
    • During the morning rush hour, 1.5 people a minute cycle west to east into town
    • During the evening rush hour, 1.6 people a minute cycle east to west home
    • At these peak times, only 0.5 people a minute cycle in the opposite direction
    • On the average weekday between rush hour, 2 people cycle on HPA every 3 minutes
    • On the average weekend between rush hour, 1 person cycles on HPA every 3 minutes
    • Cyclists account for 5% of all vehicles using HPA
  • Given this, we believe that the lack of people cycling in the opposite direction at rush hour makes two dedicated cycle lanes unnecessary – and the lack of cyclists at ‘down times’ makes a 24/7 dedicated cycle lane superfluous.