The issue

The issue:

TFL’s CS10 proposal

  • In 2019, TfL proposed a cycle superhighway (CS10) through Notting Hill and Holland Park Avenue.
  • Local residents firmly said ‘no’, given the local issues it created.
  • Since then, TfL have revised their proposal.
  • Whilst we applaud TfL’s aim to encourage walking, cycling and public transport, and make London greener and healthier, we don’t believe that the new proposal will achieve these aims.

Who will win and lose?

Everyone will lose

Fast commuter cyclists forced into the heavier, more polluted road traffic to avoid using the slower segregated cycle lanes

Pedestrians (primarily parents with children and the elderly) walking on less safe, more polluted roads

Bus users (primarily parents with children, the elderly, disabled and vulnerable) who will have fewer bus stops and increased journey times

Taxi users and local motorists stuck in gridlock in a single lane heading west

Residents due to increased pollution and gridlock, less safe roads and the closure of local shops