2024 Proposal

Based on TfL’s modelling and feedback from other London cycle highways, this scheme will result in a similar level of traffic on fewer lanes creating

  • Increased congestion on the roundabout, Holland Road, Holland Park Avenue, Notting Hill Gate, Shepherd’s Bush Green, Royal Crescent, and the West Cross Route
  • Increased pollution and noise from idling traffic in one of the already most polluted spots in London
  • Increased traffic using residential side streets as short cuts putting pedestrians at risk

TfL have not assessed the scheme’s traffic and pollution impact using data from our area

  • TfL have based their traffic and pollution assessments for Holland Park Roundabout on modelling done for C34 cycleway (connecting Hammersmith and Fulham) – a quieter route that doesn’t go through a roundabout and bears no resemblance to the proposed scheme.
  • ]We have asked TfL for their data and modelling, and they have failed to provide it.

This is not a bus or pedestrian friendly scheme

  • In line with other London cycle highways, the fewer lanes leading into and on Holland Park Roundabout will increase congestion and bus & emergency vehicle journey times

Data from other similar traffic schemes show our local shops will face business loss

  • Customers avoid areas where there is increased congestion or loss of parking, resulting in an immediate loss in local business and even shop closures


Council and Government

  • Cllr Cem Kemahli, RBKC: “This scheme works for TFL but fails for the residents of RBKC – we cannot support more restrictions on the efficient flow of traffic on our network.”
  • Felicity Buchan MP: “While I am supportive of cycling and improving cycling safety, this scheme is ill-thought through. It will lead to increased traffic congestion, increased pollution, and traffic displacement to residential side streets. I am therefore opposing the scheme.”
  • Tony Devenish AM: “TfL’s latest proposals to remove lanes of traffic to make way for a new cycle lane on Holland Park Roundabout will lead to more congestion, not less. With existing cycling infrastructure already in place on the roundabout, I have to oppose these plans which will lead to more tailbacks on our roads.”


  • Action Disability Kensington and Chelsea: “We appreciate TfL’s aims to encourage cycling but we believe this scheme will lead to more traffic congestion while disadvantaging disabled and visually impaired people who disproportionately rely on public transport and safe pathways for pedestrians.”