We applaud RBKC putting residents and their views at the heart of its decision-making.

“We put residents at the heart of everything we do. They have told us their priorities for their communities, and we have listened.”

Elizabeth Campbell, March 2019 Council Plan

“What’s most important to our communities? Residents want to see the borough’s unique and attractive surroundings maintained and businesses supported.”

March 2019 Council Plan

“The Council needs to change – it needs to communicate better with residents, involve local people in decisions, be sensitive to local needs and differences. 

March 2019 Council Plan

We applaud the Mayor’s desire to let local people decide what’s best for them

“The closer decisions are taken to the people they impact, the better they are.”
Mayor Sadiq Khan

We applaud the work RBKC has been doing to make our roads safer and healthier

RBKC have been very committed to making its borough greener, healthier and more pleasant to live in. 

For example, it:

Has invested in 14+ kms of cycle quiet ways – more than any other borough – with more schemes being planned:

Is introducing 20 mph speed limits

Is actively in discussions with Resident’s Associations about the implementation of:

Electric charging points

Walk to School campaigns that encourage walking